William Chow


Hi, I'm William Chow

I am a freelance web developer based in Sydney, Australia. I have a professional background in web development, and a degree in Business from the University of Technology, Sydney. If you have any opportunities in a data analytics, web development or consulting, feel free to hit me up!

Whether your next project is an online store, website for your business, a mobile app for your startup or a simple brochure, I'll be ready to help!


If you're a student (or anyone) trying to start a startup and you have no money, connections or tech skills. Let me help you!

If I can't, I'll grab someone that can.

Web & Mobile Development

I'm efficient in Wordpress, HTML & CSS, Ruby on Rails and the MERN Stack. I am currently learning Swift and React Native for Mobile Dev. If you would like to just learn some coding, I can teach!

Digital Marketing & SEO & Marketing

Once your web or mobile application is live, let's get your online presense going and get your business noticed.

Tech/Business Consulting

Don't know how tech works? Let me recommend you what the best technology is for your business/startup. I can also help with the business side, such as basic accounting, revenue modelling, admin work and sales.

Photography & Videography

Let's get some awesome content on your social media/website. I'll edit the photos/videos to your liking to.

Constraints can spur creativity and incite action, as long as you have the confidence to embrace them.
My Services

My Process

Here is an overview of how I approach each new projects.


  • Client interview
  • Market Research
  • Revenue Modelling
  • User Stories


  • Wireframing
  • Content Research
  • Client Feedback
  • Code Development


  • Deploy website
  • Market Product
  • Collect UX data
  • Maintenence


  • Client Feedback
  • Awesome Content
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance & Admin


Here are some examples of my main personal projects.

PS: I am in progress of filling this section out, bare with me!


Here are some other projects that I've worked on.

UTS Poker Society Student Project
UTS Hatchery Student Project
ConvenienceNOW Hackathons
Personal Portfolio Student Project
Slick Personal Project
EmployED Hackathons
Keep in Touch Hackathons
StoreX Hackathons
StayMotivated Personal Project
Xchange Personal Project
SpaceSaver Personal Project
bookBay Student Project

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