My home setup!

Having a good home setup lets me be more productive when working on my side projects and teaching my self new skills at home. Check it out!

In my room:
Macbook Pro 2015 (Laptop), Linux and Windows. Linux is what I code with, Windows is what i mainly Game and design with and Mac is my portable machine where I can code, design and learn all at once. I am using a virtual box on my desktop to run Linux. I also have a 2 in one Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series for ultra portability.

Updated 2018: I’ve moved away from coding on Linux to just on Mac now. My room setup is for video gaming now mainly.

Study room:
I use a 2016 Macbook Pro with Touchbar 13 inch. (Buy this refurbish from apple store like brand new for just 2,000!) connected to an external monitor. I work down here mainly now because there is more space to write ideas, draw, read, code, have a cup of tea, snack on the side etc. I feel more productive down here.

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23 yr old Web Developer. I love start ups, tennis, swimming, chess, poker, 80s music, travelling, photography, pc games, hiking, camping, running, exploring the world, star gazing, tech & footy.

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