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I had always been interested in technology and I grew up as the I.T support guy in my family. But ever since the start of University, I have been a big fan on the world of startups, particularly in the tech industry. So, I took it upon myself to learn how to code, to hopefully one day be able to build a product that can make a difference, whether big or little, in this world. I started self teaching myself how to code in the early months of 2016, starting with basic HTML and CSS from codeacademy and codeschool, I later took a coding bootcamp at Coder Factory Academy in Sydney, learning Ruby on Rails and the MEAN stack to be able to actually build larger scalable products.

I got involved in a few hackathons making cool projects with my new found skill. I am now currently still self teaching myself a variety of technical stacks. Python, R and SQL from Datacamp which has a great emphasis on Machine learning and data analytics. Learning Andriod and IOS dev from teamtreehouse and Udemy, as well as other Javascript framework such as MeteorJS, VueJS and ReactJS. I am also learning the whole adobe creative suite, sketch and other design softwares to be able to not be just a backend/frontend web developer, but also get into UI/UX & graphic design. I hope to be able to talk more about coding and what I have been learning/issues facing in this section of the blog.

Remember, just because your professional work or study is not involved in a specific field, that doesn’t limit you to what you can learn as the internet is a huge resource for learning.

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23 yr old Web Developer. I love start ups, tennis, swimming, chess, poker, 80s music, travelling, photography, pc games, hiking, camping, running, exploring the world, star gazing, tech & footy.

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