The good of gaming

Video gaming is great way to escape reality, boost creativity, improve problem solving skills and sometimes will test your perseverance . One of my favourite co-op game is Portal 2. The game itself was easy, but there was plenty of community mods out there that made this game truly fun and challenging, especially if it requires another player to solve. It will truly test your brain and problem solving skills and highly recommend this to young kids to play with their parents.

Some of the best stories I’ve experienced comes from video games. There are a lot of movies and books which have great story telling, characters and world, but what video games have as an advantage to movies and books is that it can immerse the player into it’s own world and we feel like the player we play as. My favourite video game series is Mass Effect, it has a brilliant story plot, awesome characters that you grow to feel empathy towards and an amazing universe. Over the course of Mass Effect 1 – Mass Effect 3, your progress from each game carries over and every decision you make over the three games bring consequences to ultimately give you an ending that you deserve? Ok, not really (but the point is, video games engage the player so much that the ending of Me3 should matter, and because players felt that Bioware didn’t put much effort into the ending, there was huge backlash, so huge that they released an update that changed the ending. Why was there huge backlash? Because we care, we invested a lot of time into the trilogy). That’s what video games do, it immerse the players into their world. It is a shame, that a lot of people I talk to, have never heard of Mass Effect. They are missing out on something truly great, maybe not the game itself, but the story and universe it brings.

Video games also releases stress. It takes your mind away from things. Sometimes when I get psychological sickness, video games seem to treat it and does the trick, because it takes my mind away from thinking I am sick. Skills associated with video gaming includes problem solving, quick thinking decision making, hand eye co-ordination and creativity. Gaming in moderate is a good thing.

My favourite game of all time is Fallout 3 and my favourite gaming series is the Mass Effect series.

Remember, to much of gaming is not good. Take a break every hour or 2. Go out and enjoy nature with friends.



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