• Technology

    My home setup!

    Having a good home setup lets me be more productive when working on my side projects and teaching my self new skills at home. Check it out! In my room: Macbook Pro 2015 (Laptop), Linux [...]
  • Photography

    My Photography Gear

    Another new passion of mine is photography, photo editing and hopefully soon, video editing. Here are some of gear I have that I use to capture photos and videos. Camera: 1. Canon EOS 700D with [...]
  • Technology

    Learning to code..

    I had always been interested in technology and I grew up as the I.T support guy in my family. But ever since the start of University, I have been a big fan on the world [...]
  • Sports

    Chess with me!

    Chess was one of the first hobby I acquired thanks to my Dad. This was the days before the internet, phones and computers. I picked up Chess at the age of 4 and have competed [...]
  • Sports

    My sporting teams!

    Above image: Miracle on Ice -> 1980 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey played between a young amateur USA and 4 time defending gold medallist Soviet Union.  My favourite sport to play is Tennis. I am also [...]